Episode 53

Red Carpet: William Sadler


October 9th, 2019

34 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

This week we are bringing you our FIRST red carpet interview! It's William Sadler! An honest to goodness star of stage and screen! 'Death' from "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" and 'Sloan' from "Star Trek: DS9" - also "Shawshank Redemption," "Die Hard 2," GOD DAMN PRESIDENT ELLIS from the MCU! He's dreamy. Also he does the 'Death' voice!

Plus some news we guess.... 'John Wick' spin offs! What Amy Pascal is hinting at for the Sony-verse, Bond 26 speculation, 'Tom & Jerry' gets weird, and what the box set for the Infinity Saga is gonna cost you.

Co-host: Dan Richardson